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When we leave our country, we live our habits and traditions, our families and friends and some of our memories. 
Even if it is a move we chose to make, a decision we have made for the better; there will be moments when we may feel sad and sometimes (or a lot of times) we regret our decisions. 
But if you are welcome in the country you chose to live in, and people treat you well, life can be much easier. Especially when we see our children happy. 
So, if you just arrived in Brazil or you are planning to move here, we have special services to help you:

Fale comigo!

Baby / Children

  • We can provide a list of doctors, mid-wives, doulas and all kinds of professionals you may need both for labor itself and for after the baby is born.

  • We will give you all the support necessary, making sure the professionals speak your language and help you with the “after-appointment” necessities, such as buying medicine or guiding you to other professionals.

  • We can also find places or teachers for you and/or your baby to exercise.


  • If you need help breastfeeding your baby, we can get you in touch with the best advisors and smooth this important moment in your life.


  • Help with health insurance company procedures (such as getting a refund for you doctor’s appointments or finding the best professionals covered by your insurance)

  • Documentation process: how to get ID, passport and all other documents

  • We can help you order/buy medicines and supplies

  • Scheduling doctor and dentist appointments and exams


  • Meals for you and your family

  • We can help you find employees to work at your house – such as housekeepers, cleaners or just someone to iron your clothes.

  • Best places to deliver meal or groceries


  • Best places to organize your birthday parties, baby shower, baptism, etc.

Pregnancy and birht

  • Getting ready for the baby’s delivery: where to buy clothes and furniture, how to organize the bedroom, maternity bag, etc.

  • Maternity room decoration


  • Finding the right school for your kids, enrolling them, buying the uniform and school material and tagging them;

  • Helping with the issues of your kid’s agenda;

  • Finding activities for you and you kid/baby (such as music classes, dance classes, yoga)

  • How to arrange transportation to take your kid to school

  • Buying gifts for teachers and classmates

Vaccations and Weekends

  • We can recommend and help you book restaurants and places to go with your kids

  • Book vacations on the best places according to your tastes and needs

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